About George W. Shaeffer

George W. Schaeffer is a textbook example of not only overcoming challenge and adversity, but transcending it to build a successful and fulfilling life and living the American Dream. This theme started before he was  born when his parents survived the Holocaust. Later, when George was still a young boy, the family fled the violent Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and immigrated to the United States. Those experiences helped inspire George’s intense work ethic and later devotion to philanthropy.

The Schaeffers settled in New York City and started a garment manufacturing company. After graduating from City College in 1970, George applied his strong work ethic and passion for business to help run the family business successfully. 

New challenges and opportunities drew George to Los Angeles in 1981 when he took over another family enterprise, took a modest business, and nurtured it into a robust, world-class beauty industry icon: OPI Products. What started as a dental supply company evolved into a top nail polish brand with a fervent following among consumers and salons, forever changing the industry. 

OPI’s thriving success soon offered the opportunity for a legacy of philanthropy: the George and Irina Schaeffer Foundation. Launched by George to give back to the community, the foundation has helped organizations globally with millions in donations. 

That spirit of contribution continued at the Bnai Zion Foundation, where George previously served as President and is currently Chairman of the Board. Bnai Zion established the George W. Schaeffer Music Conservatory in 2013 to offer music education to children and adults in the town of Ma’ale Adumim, Israel. Construction of The George and Irina Schaeffer Cultural Center followed in 2017. Instead of charity, George views his work with Bnai Zion as a way to improve the lives of all Israelis.

In 2008, he helped co-found People’s Trust Insurance (PTI), offering a revolutionary new approach to affordable home insurance coverage for Florida property owners. The next chapter in George’s journey came after selling OPI when he became the full-time CEO of People’s Trust.

George’s philanthropy has no bounds, and he keeps finding new ways to give back to the community. PTI has donated to local drives for food, clothing, and school supplies, raised funds for breast cancer and families in distress, and offered hurricane relief for the Bahamas. 

George and Irina Philanthropy